Hot humid – hot dry

Case studies in this section are specific to Australian Climate Zones 1, 2, 3, 4.

Cairns, Queensland

A single-storey home in Cairns is elevated on a lightweight steel platform.

Photo: © Veronica Sagredo, Blue Click Photography

This home proves that it is possible to design and build a sustainable home on a challenging site in an economical way. It features solar hot water, a breezeway, solar PV panels and large eaves.

Caloundra, Queensland


The outside of a house with a native garden in the foreground. The house has a flat roof with wide eaves.

Photo: Thompson Sustainable Homes

This Sunshine Coast display home achieves a very high energy rating and is modern and affordable. The home’s net zero energy use is a key selling point, appealing to home buyers looking to significantly cut energy bills.

Darwin River, Northern Territory


A two-storey home is supported by a ground floor for the main wing and by tall steel pylons for another wing. The house has a pitched roof with wide eaves.

Photo: Robyn McLean

This home demonstrates an impressive range of passive cooling design principles in a challenging tropical climate. It is a comfortable and low maintenance home with minimal environmental impact.

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