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Your home book

Your Home Book

Your Home is also available as a hard copy book. Buy the Your Home book.

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Latest News

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Design For Place

Free architecturally designed house plans to help you build an energy-efficient and comfortable home.

Buy, build, renovate

If you are thinking about designing, building or renovating, find out what features are best for your climate, lifestyle and budget.

Passive design

Designing to take advantage of natural sources of heating and cooling can deliver a lifetime of comfort and low energy bills.


Careful selection and use of building materials can save you money, reduce waste and minimise environmental impact.


Find out how to save money by reducing energy consumption, switching to renewable energy and using efficient appliances and technologies.


Learn how to reduce water inside and outside the home to protect our waterways and limit wastage.

Live and adapt

Ensure your home and garden are liveable and adaptable to changes in lifestyle and climate.