Cool temperate – alpine

Case studies in this section are specific to Australian Climate Zones 7, 8.

Beaufort, Victoria

An aerial photo of a Melbourne home has large shade sails raised  to shade the north-facing windows in summer.

Photo: Nic Granleese (© Nic Granleese)

A new home that considers the whole life cycle of materials along with solar passive design. It is designed for recyclability and features natural paints and finishes to improve air quality.

Curtin, Australian Capital Territory

A Canberra house photographed at twilight. It has three gable windows, and a timber deck with a dining setting.

Photo: Jeremy Rozdarz, Jigsaw Housing

A Canberra renovation has transformed a dark and cold house into a liveable and family-friendly home environment. The clever renovation has also made the house more adaptable to fit the long-term needs of its occupants.

Wright, Australian Capital Territory

A Canberra home photographed at dusk. It features a gable roof, a large outdoor deck and a carport.

Photo: Ben Wrigley (© Light House Architecture and Science)

A new family home built with entertaining in mind. This home features passive solar design principles, a small block with North to the street, space-efficient design and some clever materials.

Dover, Tasmania

Torbul house from above

Photo: Taylor Wright (© BROKENIMAGE Creative) 

Winner of the Housing Industry Association’s National GreenSmart Energy Efficiency Award 2022, Torbul Hill house is a beautifully designed off-grid and self-sufficient home in Southern Tasmania.

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